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The Cité de l'Océan

Le 01/08/19 à 09:28

In the heart of Biarritz, facing the Rocher de la Vierge, the visitor walks through some fifty aquariums arranged to provide him with a spectacular meet with a wide variety of species that inhabit our Atlantic coast. Children, in particular, will enjoy watching the seals' daily meal in underwater vision and caressing the fish with the touch pool.

The discovery can be completed at the Cité de l'Océan during a visit using many technological innovations such as 3D animations, a dynamic 4D cinema, or surfing simulators, allowing you to meet, while travelling the various seas and oceans of the world, more than 5000 fish and marine animals.

A reservation through the hotel allows you to obtain a discount and a VIP pass

After your visit, you can stop by a bar located just next to the aquarium called Olatua, a perfect place to have a coffee, eat a snack or have an aperitif... with family or friends

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